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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

911 Lines Operational Despite Telephone Line Failures

July 6, 2011 – 12:00 p.m.

Contact: Stephanie Fritts, Director
Pacific County Emergency Management Agency
(360) 875-9340 or sfritts@co.pacific.wa.us

South Bend, Washington – Reports from south Pacific County Residents indicate that many areas of the county are experiencing both telephone and Internet failures this morning.  Some areas of the Long Beach Peninsula report being unable to dial out using landline telephone service while other areas remain able to do so.  The status of wireless telephone service by area of the Long Beach Peninsula is currently undetermined. 

Testing performed by the Pacific County 911 Center indicates that all 911 lines remain operational.  The cause of the failures is unknown.  Announcements informing emergency responders of the circumstances were made via the public safety radio frequencies. 

Please remember to use 911 in any situation where someone’s health, safety or property is threatened.  If there is no immediate risk to someone’s health, safety or property, you can use a non-emergency number to ask for help.

If you are reporting an emergency, make sure you are in a safe location before you call 911. If there is a fire in your home, evacuate your family and then call 911 from a safe location.   Listen carefully to the emergency operator, answer all questions, and wait for further instructions.

And always, know your location when calling 911. 

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