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Thursday, September 16, 2010

NOAA Weather Radio Promotion

South Bend, Washington – The Pacific County Emergency Management Agency is coordinating a NOAA Weather Radio Promotion on Saturday, September 25, 2010, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Customers will be able to purchase a NOAA weather radio and have it programmed on site by amateur radio operators. Participating locations are: • North Pacific County o Bud’s Lumber, 220 W Robert Bush Drive, South Bend o Dennis Company TV & Appliance, 124 4th Street, Raymond • South Pacific County o Dennis Company, 201 N Pacific, Long Beach o Wirkkala Radio Shack, 4912 Pacific Avenue, Long Beach Weather radios alert local residents to many immediate, life-threatening hazards, like weather, tsunamis, volcanoes, hazardous releases, and other dangerous events. Without a weather radio, a critical emergency warning message from local emergency authorities could be missed. NOAA Weather Radio is a service of the National Weather Service, a part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the U.S. Dept of Commerce. NOAA Weather Radio is the voice of the National Weather Service, broadcasting the latest area weather forecasts and conditions 24 hours a day. Additional NOAA Weather Radio information is available at www.emd.wa.gov. Citizens with questions can contact the PCEMA office at (360) 875-9340 or (360) 642-9340.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chill – It Was Only a Drill: AHAB Siren Results

South Bend, Washington – As part of a true “end-to-end” test of the tsunami warning system, the All Hazard Alert Broadcast (AHAB) siren system was tested today. Following the statewide Drop, Cover, and Hold Drill at 10:15 a.m., the AHAB sirens were activated using the actual warning tone and the standard voice test message. Preliminary results for today’s drill are: Ilwaco - 807 Whealdon: siren, voice, light Cape Disappointment - Space 90: siren, voice, light Surfside - 33104 J Place: siren, voice, no light Ocean Park - 21611 V Ln: siren, voice, light Ocean Park - 2017 304th Ln: siren, voice, no light Ocean Park - 27212 U Street: siren, voice, light Ocean Park - 2408 245th Lane: siren, voice, light Bay Center - 408 Bay Center Road: siren, voice, light Seaview - 3801 N Place: no siren, no voice, no light Long Beach - 9211 X Street: siren, voice, light Long Beach - 319 2nd Street: siren, voice, light North Cove - 2829 SR 105 (PCFD5)* North Cove - Seabreeze Rd/Warrenton Cannery Rd: siren, voice* *PCEMA is still awaiting spotter reports from the North Cove area. The cause for the AHAB siren in Seaview not activating during today’s drill will be investigated. Residents with questions or concerns may contact the PCEMA office at (360) 875-9340 or (360) 642-9340.