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Monday, June 7, 2010

AHAB Siren System Test Results

South Bend, Washington – The All Hazard Alert Broadcast (AHAB) siren system spotter reports have been received by the Pacific County Emergency Management Agency (PCEMA) and forwarded to the Washington Emergency Management Division (WAEMD). The results for today’s test are: Notes: The sequence heard today was 1) chimes with light, 2) wailing siren, 3) high-low pitch siren, 4) chimes, and 5) voice. The voice announcement was short, “tsunami, volcano, hazardous material”. There was no indication this event was a test. At some sites it was reported that the voice was overdriven and distorted. Ilwaco - 807 Whealdon: no chimes, no voice, no light Cape Disappointment - Space 90: chimes, voice, light activated Surfside - 33104 J Place: chimes, voice, light activated Ocean Park - 21611 V Ln: chimes, voice, light activated Ocean Park - 2017 304th Ln: chimes, voice activated, no light Ocean Park - 27212 U Street: chimes, voice, light activated Ocean Park - 2408 245th Lane: chimes, voice, light activated Bay Center - 408 Bay Center Road: chimes, voice activated, light unknown Seaview - 3801 N Place: chimes, voice, light activated Long Beach - 9211 X Street: chimes, voice, light activated Long Beach - 319 2nd Street: chimes, voice, light activated North Cove - 2829 SR 105 (PCFD5)* North Cove - Seabreeze Rd/Warrenton Cannery Rd* *PCEMA is still awaiting spotter reports from the North Cove area. Volunteers for the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) serve as AHAB siren spotters every month. Without their service PCEMA would be unable to submit timely and accurate monthly test results to WAEMD. The cause for the AHAB sirens sounding multiple tones and alerts during today’s test is still under investigation. PCEMA will continue to work with WAEMD to determine the cause of the malfunction. Residents with questions or concerns may contact the PCEMA office at (360) 875-9340 or (360) 642-9340.

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