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Friday, January 8, 2010

Extremely Dangerous Erosion Zone

South Bend, Washington – Significant erosion along the Pacific Ocean beach in the North Cove – Grayland area of Pacific County, Washington has uncovered portions of a historic shipwreck. This area – known commonly as “wash-a-way” beach is an active erosion zone.

“Wash-a-way” beach is subject to unpredictable and dangerous ocean waves and currents. Sand dunes and banks in this area are subject to erosion, sudden movement, and collapse without warning. Structures, roadways, and other materials continue to fall into the ocean and pose a potential hazard to personal safety.

The public is warned to stay away from this shipwreck and the entire area. Residents and tourists should consider the entire “wash-a-way” beach area as potentially hazardous. It is not a safe place for the public to visit.

Questions may be forwarded to Bryan Harrison, County Administrative Officer, at (360) 875-9334 or bharrison@co.pacific.wa.us.

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