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Friday, November 6, 2009

High Surf Warning Through Saturday

South Bend, Washington – The National Weather Service (NWS) in Portland notified the Pacific County Emergency Management Agency this morning that a high surf warning is in effect until 4 pm PST Saturday. Large swell generated by a storm in the Gulf of Alaska will build today and continue through Saturday, bringing dangerous surf conditions to the coast. The largest seas are expected to arrive this afternoon when 25 to 30 foot swell will begin to impact the coast. These waves will be very energetic as they move in the surf zone, pummeling the coast with large breakers as they move onshore. Heavy debris, such as logs, will be thrown around by the large waves making the surf zone especially hazardous. Hazards from high surf conditions along the shoreline will be enhanced during the high tides around 3 to 4 pm in the afternoon today and Saturday. The high tide during these times periods will cause the large waves to impact higher portions of the beaches than at other times of the day. Precautionary/Preparedness actions: A high surf warning means that dangerously high surf will batter beaches in the advisory area, producing deadly rip currents and minor beach erosion. It can be very dangerous to venture near the coast under high surf conditions. People have been swept off rocks and jetties and drown while observing high surf. Stay well back from the water’s edge and be alert for the exceptionally high wave. For the most up to date weather information from the NWS please visit http://www.weather.gov/portland. This page brings up all advisories, watches, and warnings for the southwest Washington area.

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