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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Update from West Coast/Alaska Tsunami Warning Center

Pacific County has received an update on the M8.0 earthquake that occurred of the coast of American Samoa. According to Paul Whitmore, Director of the West Coast Alaska Tsunami Warning Center, a tsunami was generated and reports indicated a wave of +/- 1 meter (about 3 ft.) struck the coast of American Samoa. The WCATWC has issued a Tsunami Advisory for the coast of California and Oregon. Based upon the best available forecast information, they WILL NOT be issuing a Tsunami Advisory for the coast of Washington State, British Columbia, or Alaska. A TSUNAMI ADVISORY MEANS THAT A TSUNAMI CAPABLE OF PRODUCING STRONG CURRENTS OR WAVES DANGEROUS TO PERSONS IN OR VERY NEAR THE WATER IS IMMINENT OR EXPECTED. SIGNIFICANT WIDESPREAD INUNDATION IS NOT EXPECTED FOR AREAS UNDER AN ADVISORY. CURRENTS MAY BE HAZARDOUS TO SWIMMERS... BOATS... AND COASTAL STRUCTURES AND MAY CONTINUE FOR SEVERAL HOURS AFTER THE INITIAL WAVE ARRIVAL. Wave heights for CA and OR may be up to 55 cm (appx. 1.8 feet). Projected heights for WA at Neah Bay and Toke Point are forecast to be smaller, around 6 cm (appx. 0.19 ft.) The arrival time for the West Coast is expected to be approximately 6 hours from now around 9 pm PDT and arrival in Hawaii will occur within 2 hours.

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